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Flammable Lipstick

For use only under adult supervision.
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Sometimes, its just not enough to leave a scrawled message on his mirror.

Explain all his personality defects in a message in Flammable Lipstick across his bedroom wall. Especially effective when written, and lit, on a wallpapered wall.

Let him explain *that* to his next victim.

ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 02 2005


       Would this go with self-sharpening pinking shears for His suits? (Mrs Bobbit's own patent, I understand)
Dub, Nov 03 2005

       Forget ever putting that stuff on my lips when they're chapped.
Machiavelli, Nov 03 2005

       Yes dear.   

       She's a...   

       *duh* *duh*   

       21st century fox! Oh yeah!
daseva, Nov 03 2005

       [dentworth], Don't mention it :)   

       [Unabubba], So I shouldn't indulge in flaming sambuccas when wearing lip balm? Is this warning on the lip balm label? Should I be taking my videocam to resort bars in the hope of catching this on film?
ConsulFlaminicus, Nov 03 2005

       "but when we kiss, oooohh ... FIRE." XD
shernren, Nov 04 2005

       GREAT ONE. Love it.
Pericles, Nov 04 2005

       oops, sorry Consul, I hit the wrong button. I meant to delete the link, and then I was going to edit the anno, but it's gone forever. Hey, I like the flaming lipstick though.
dentworth, Nov 04 2005


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