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Green Machine

CNG in combination with electric Hybrid engine
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When you get home at night, pull the old carraige into the garage & hook up the NG (Natural Gas) hose. Next reach over and plug in the the pump chord into the nearby outlet and no worries mate. It's my understanding that CNG produces very little harmful exhausts. By cutting out the land requirements, staffing, etc. You should be able to get a more efficient price on CNG with an in-car compressor. In the event that you actually need to re-fuel away from home, an On-star like system showing nearest CNG fueling stations is provided free of charge. I understand that this is not the Ultimate Bio Friendly Green Machine, but I think it is in the short term the ghost with the most.
Zimmy, Jan 04 2005

Home fueling for Naturual Gas http://www.fuelmaker.com/Phill/
I was proposing to put this unit in the car with a cheaper fitting to be tapped into the home's Natural Gas line so that if you moved, it would not be such a hassle disconnecting & reconnecting the compressor. [Zimmy, Jan 04 2005]

Zero Emission Cars http://www.bath.ac.uk/~en1sjh/hybrid.htm
See second paragraph "The most common hybrids are the ICE/electric combination and ICE/liquid petroleum gas (LPG) or compressed natural gas (CNG), but there are variations such as LPG or CNG with electric. The electric could be from either a battery, or a fuel cell, as explained later." [energy guy, Jan 05 2005]


       I might bun this if I knew what NG was. Do you mean Natural Gas?   

       It's very, very bad writing form to use an acronym without first declaring what it stands for.
5th Earth, Jan 04 2005

paraffin power, Jan 04 2005

       Too marginal.
xrayTed, Jan 04 2005

       5th Earth,   

       "Very, very bad writing form" is somewhat redundant. Could you just put it "very bad writing form," or if needed to be precise "not quite terrible but slightly more than very bad writing form?"
Bull Winkus, Jan 04 2005

       I have slightly changed the wording to appease the critics & further clarify the idea.   

       I also have not been able to find a CNG/electric Hybrid for sale.
Zimmy, Jan 04 2005

       I applaud any attempt to make this solution cheaper and more available. I would love to never have to go to a gas station again, and this setup makes switching to hydrogen someday quite easy. However, your only real innovation is an in-car compressor. How does this do anything but make your car heavier? Doesn't it make more sense to keep the compressor in your garage?   

       (later, after I noticed the anno under your link) Strange logic there. Why not build your refrigerator into your car, so that it won't be such a hastle disconnecting & reconnecting when you move?
Worldgineer, Jan 04 2005

       [Worldineer] I guess you're correct it is somewhat inefficient to have the compressor in-car. I was thinking that adding it to the auto assembly plant would reduce the unit cost if you compare with separate unit + installation cost + warehousing, etc.   

       I hoped my innovation would be considered replacing the gasoline/electric hybrid concept with a CNG/electric hybrid concept. The fueling part was just a marketing tactic.
Zimmy, Jan 04 2005

       It does seem strange that auto companies that (nominally) support CNG don't provide a way of filling your tank. I think there are many ways to market CNG if they cared to.
Worldgineer, Jan 04 2005

       You need to get out more... Research your idea. I must give this idea a fish because your ignorance astounds me. don't get me wrong, it is a superb idea but it is not your idea. A good idea would be how to compress NG to LNG efficiently or increase the range of NG, LNG, LPG, CH4, vehicles that already exist...
shad, Jan 05 2005

       Arrrgh! What the entire point is, is there are not CNG/electric hybrids currently in production (despite the link which shows CNG/hybrid meaning one or the other) What I would like produced is a CNG/electric hybrid!   

       I know that there is a range issue, most Metro commuters could handle this with an in house refueling system.
Zimmy, Jan 05 2005

       CNG cars exist. Hybrids exist. What you propose is a CNG hybrid? Unfortunately, those (or at least the idea for those) already exist. (see link). Also, I didnt understand your last anno.
energy guy, Jan 05 2005


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