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Tesla Heavy

Big. Robust. Proven technologies. Cheap.
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I was reading vmaldias complaints about the Prius and 21Q reply that hybrids are not good for 3d worlders anyway. Maybe, maybe. But forget Prius - I was behind a Tesla the other day. No exhaust pipe! Very sporty. What about that model? The problem for the 3d world, as I understand it, is poorness, bad roads, a lack of interest in powerful engines, and the scarcity of fancypants lithium batteries. But we got all that here in the USA too!

In junior high we made a gocart powered by a starter motor powered by a car battery. I propose that the same scheme be used to make a full on car. Regular car batteries would be used. Many of them, all different kinds - perhaps a hundred or so. For that reason this would actually be a flatbed truck, with shelves for the many batteries. The gasoline engine would charge the batteries or they could be plugged in. The motor would be purely electric and run off of these batteries. There would be so many of them that as you depleted the charge on some, you could use others.

Trucks are tough. Car and truck batteries are cheap. Electric motors are cheap.

bungston, Jun 26 2009

Prius lite Prius_20lite
My inspiration. [bungston, Jun 26 2009]


       If this thing can be plugged in, even inefficient it will not itself produce emissions and so the air will be cleaner. I should point out it is a useful vehicle for Outer Monglolia because it can also be charged by a windmill, which it carries on board, although that takes several days.   

       If it must produce emissions on running the engine to charge the batteries that can be done after the heat of the day when exhaust is less of a problem.
bungston, Jun 26 2009

       If it's charged in the U.S. chances are the electricity came from a coal fired power plant, so not necessarily cleaner air. And carrying around several hundred pounds of lead and acid probably wouldn't be good in an accident.
Bdsman64, Jun 27 2009


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