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Electric Glue

Flip the switch, flip the stick.
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I'm proposing an adhesive substance that can be turned on and off at will with an electric current, using the doodad accessory (included -- batteries sold separately).

Smear some goop on your target surface, touch the electrodes of the Accessory Doodad to opposite ends of the goop and the molecules of the material align to create adhesion. When dehesion is desired, touch the electrodes again to either end, reverse the polarity to disorient the molecules, the stickiness is undone.

In principle, developing the material should not be too difficult -- the technology exists. I need someone to help me out with the goop recipe. As I have previously mentioned, I was not a star pupil in chemistry.

nihilo, Jun 22 2006

Things that reverse with current. http://www.media.mi...edia/elecpaper.html
But now, do it with glue. [nihilo, Jun 22 2006]

Changing Surfaces from Sticky to Slippery Using Light - New Technology http://bestsyndicat...ight_switchable.htm
discussed recently on slashdot.org [xaviergisz, Jun 22 2006]


       If this works, then it probably exists somewhere.
BJS, Jun 22 2006


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