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Hardcore Beef racks

Bring back some of the old days, but not so much you need a gun, hunting license, lots of time, and knowledge of butchery
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Option one: A display that looks like a cow (including size and shape), with shelves in the sides. Sufficiently abstract that no one gets too uncomfortable. The meat is stored in the place on the cow display from whence it came.

Option two: The same above, but it strongly resembles a real cow, complete with cupboards with doors covered in bow hide and fur, and a head placidly chewing. When a door is opened it moos as if in pain.

Option three: The same as above, but it moves back and forth on a track. The user has to hit it on the nose to make it stop long enough to get the door open. Its expression changes from fear to shocked pain to malevolent rage when it's stopped.

Option four: The same above, but it's in the rifle range part of the store (the cabinets are strongly reinforced). It won't stop until it's hit.

Voice, Aug 08 2021


       //but not so much you need a gun, hunting license, lots of time, and knowledge of butchery//   

       Aww! but those are all the fun bits, besides the big juicy lumps of red meat of course, those are good too.   

       //Hardcore Beef racks//   

       That title had me thinking this was going to be about chick- porn or gay-porn.   

       I'm choosing to believe that was deliberate.   

       [Finishes reading the rest of the thing]   

       Meh, bit gimmicky for my tastes.   

       Just gimme a gun & point me at the field your cows are in.
Skewed, Aug 08 2021

       Okay, that can be option 5. We can butcher it for you on the spot.
Voice, Aug 08 2021

       It must speak. And have a display of wine sauces nearby to which it refers.   

       "Have you considered something off of my shoulder perhaps? Braized in a white wine sauce?"
RayfordSteele, Aug 08 2021

       //it must speak//   

       Is this the restaurant at the end of the universe or something much more disturbing? How about a restaurant for vore fetishists?
Voice, Aug 09 2021


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