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Hot Dog Saucing Belt

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The attachment on your belt buckle flips out to reveal a series of lunch-time condiment nozzles. An inward push on the buckle squirter to the left will dispense a few generous dallops of ketchup onto your weiner. If you like mustard on your dog try the squirter on your right.

To refill, the disposable plastic belt liner can be replaced with a pre-packaged sachet in the flavours you desire. These can be purchased discreetly from the refrigerated section of your local menswear store.

benfrost, Nov 06 2005

Ketchup on Hot Dogs http://en.wikipedia...Ketchup_on_hot_dogs
Das is verboten. [Cedar Park, Nov 09 2005]


       Your life is one big boner, on top of a bun.+++++
blissmiss, Nov 06 2005

       Never Ever Watch a GWAR Vid un sober. I & my friend tackled someone to make sure that insanity came to an end. Fricken' GWAR. Blaaah. The envelope can be pushed no further. & why try?
Zimmy, Nov 06 2005

       I've always wanted a condiment utility belt, especially when I want hot sauce for some food.   

       No innuendos there, I just like spicy food.
discontinuuity, Nov 06 2005

       + for any assistance in the kitchen.
po, Nov 06 2005

       I like the one hand dispensing. I'm constantly dropping half-squeezed ketchup sachets all over the car as I try to keep up with my kids demands for more. Then the dogs lick them into some deep crevasse between the seat an carpet, and days or weeks later they make themselves known, somehow.
oxen crossing, Nov 09 2005

       "Nobody - I mean nobody puts ketchup on a hot dog." - Dirty Harry
Cedar Park, Nov 09 2005


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