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Electric Guitar Video Game

A video game that teaches you to play real music by real artists.
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I think it would be cool if they had a game for Xbox or PS2 where you can have a guitar for a controller (a real guitar). You can plug in any brand of electric guitar in a port that connects to the console port, and then you can learn to play real life guitar solos and songs based on the musician's skill level. Ex. easy level will contain songs like mary had a little lamb, and other easy kid's songs, and master level will contain guitar solos by Jimmy Hendrix, AC/DC, Eric Clapton, Guns N' Roses, and other difficult artist. There will be many differant genres other than hard rock. Country, soft rock, metal, and grunge are just a few examples i can think of, let me know if u know other genres that would be playable. But you don't always have to play lead, you can always choose to strum chords too.

You can have on-screen notes passing though a gate and you have to play the correct note when it enters the gate. Just like Dance Dance Revolution. And maybe the game can contain a tuner for the guitar. Another cool feature would be an optional cam that goes on top of the TV to record you playing and it can make a background of a stage or any location. You can make your own music videos and send them to your friends using Xbox Live or Playstation Online.

Maybe you can also buy floor pedals that also connect into your console, and you can have a large library of guitar effects that you can choose on screen. The game should also include an editor that will alow you to make your own song and let your friends try to play it.

xgamer48083, Jun 26 2005

Rock God http://news.bbc.co....hnology/4876736.stm
Hello **Wembley!** [Jinbish, Apr 16 2006]

Guitar Hero http://www.guitarherogame.com/
Not really a teaching program, but the same idea, I guess. [notmarkflynn, Apr 16 2006]


       //Have you ever bought a electric guitar and wanted to learn to play, but couldn’t get the hang of it?//
No, not in all the times I've bought an electric guitar.
This is quite a reasonable idea, but you must know that computer-based instrument tuition already exists. The difference here is that instead of it teaching you how to play, it lets you get on with it and rewards a correct note. This is probably not the most effective teaching method.
Incidentally, since when are AC/DC and G 'n' R "master" level? Where would Steve Vai fit? Green Day aren't "normal" level, they're "remedial".
Also, "Jimi".
And what's DDR?
angel, Jun 26 2005

       If it only teaches people to play Jimi Hendrix, AC/DC, and Guns 'n' Roses, then I most certainly disapprove of this idea.
kaz, Jun 26 2005

       I like the idea but feel that it would be best suited to the absolute beginner (learning the notes, playing three blind mice etc.). Once you get to the level of skill that you can play music by the bands mentioned, you may no longer get as much out of this as a complete novice. Still could be fun, though.   

       angel: DDR = dance dance revolution.
st3f, Jun 26 2005

       I disagree St3f. This could be ideal for duelling banjoes & taking on Stevie Vai in a a 'Crossroads' styleé.
Jinbish, Apr 16 2006

       DDR is a dancing based game. Also, this game has been semi-baked in the intermitent period. I present to you, "Guitar Hero."
notmarkflynn, Apr 16 2006

       It is really a great idea although think of the price. Every game must be sent with a rather large guitar peripheral. The guitar must have a team of its own to develop, it can not simply be like the guitar hero guitar. Think of the price that would come with shipping one of those guitars. Also to make a profit you would have to place a steep price on one of the games and pray the general public would want it. To teach actual songs you have to get licenses from the owners and that costs money unless you get them to give them free. Over all it is a great idea but the burden it would take to make it is too great.
chivaking, Apr 17 2006

       [admin: renamed idea removing '(revised)' from the title. We don't need to know this. Well, not in the title, anyway.]
st3f, Apr 17 2006


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