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Elevator button game.

A game with the elevator buttons
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You have two marked places on the ground equaly distanced from the call button to the elevator. Each person would have a special glove that identifies their name. A light would flash at the elevator button to tell them when to go and they basicly would race to the button, who ever gets to it first would win the game and the elevator sensor would keep score of each user. The glove being the identification system.

All elevators would be interlinked and would keep a constant score no matter where the elevator is. A score tv screen would be inside the elevator listing the top scorers in the building and nationwide and worldwide. Other button games could be played inside on the button board such as lights out and other games.

JoeLounsbury, Nov 17 2003


       Another version has all the occupants pressing buttons as fast as possible, trying to out-press the people in the adjacent (or across the atrium) elevator. The faster you press, the faster the elevator goes.
phoenix, Nov 17 2003

       So this is just a race to see who can be the first person to press a button, combined with a public scoring system, manifested via elevators? Sorry but I think the traditional way of running sprint races works well enough already. How about turning it on its head though and competing to summon the elevator *without* using the button? There could be a button just for playing the game, which would be adjacent to the actual call button. If you press the “game button” it doesn’t call the elevator but instead it times how long before you manage to summon the elevator by sheer force of will (or luck). Over a long period like a year, any competitor who appeared to demonstrate a summoning ability which was statistically significant (more than lucky) could be rewarded.
dobtabulous, Nov 24 2003

       Good idea. I need more chances for fun. Perhaps you would have extra gloves in the elevator so that tourist elevator riders could play. +
lizziepunkin, Nov 24 2003


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