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Electromechanically Driven Audio Compressor

For newbies and audio purists too
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Audio compressors often are difficult to learn to operate and requires some technical knowledge about how audio compression works [link] and some training.

Also introducing extra processors in the path of signal is undesirable for some musicians and producers, adducing extra noise, extra distortion and so.

The idea: Take the signal from the audio path only for analisys and envelope generation; and use this envelope to drive a servomotor attached to the gain control of an existent preamp. A pre-attached external potentiometer is an option too.

So, tweaking the controls the user can see how the volume control moves (that's is the didactical part) ; and the extra purist audio user can attach their favorite preamp to the servo.

The attack and release times can't be fast, but would be nice to see while working.

For the vintage audio fundamentalists: use a vacuum tube for the servomotor driver.

piluso, Jul 21 2013

Audio compression https://en.wikipedi...c_range_compression
aka dynamic range compression [piluso, Jul 21 2013]

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       A little extra work (well... none actually) and you could add gate, expander and limiter functions as well.   

       I like the visuals, even though there are certainly servo-driven pro mixers and stuff, so [+].
FlyingToaster, Jul 21 2013

       Bun for the Rube Goldberg aspect of this.
doctorremulac3, Jul 22 2013


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