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Electronic Personalized Bumper Sticker

Tell other drivers how they are driving, what you think of them, etc.
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I have always wanted something like this in my car...one of those electronic, scrolling banners in the back or front. With a keyboard on your steering wheel, you could type in a message (only while you're stopped, of course) that you wanted the driver behind (or in front of) you to read. Like, "Get Off My Ass," "Nice Jaguar," or "Bush 2000." :) What do you think?
cloudsandstars, Jun 25 2000

i'm sorry light http://www.halfbake...27m_20sorry_20light
Special purpose version [jutta, Jun 25 2000]

Auto-Talker http://www.halfbake...om/idea/Auto-Talker
Same idea plus speech-to-text. [jutta, Jun 25 2000]

Prototype. They're looking for a manufacturer. http://www.tonkatro...mesenger/index.html
Link from [wblair8689] [jutta, Jun 25 2000]

Drivemotion http://www.au-my.co...ish/Drivemocion.htm
Display module on rear windscreen, remote control in front. Preprogrammed LED messages: THANKS, BACK OFF, IDIOT, smiley face, frowny face. [jutta, Aug 23 2006]

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       I have wanted this for some time as well. You could also have a bunch of pre-loaded messages that you could select with the touch of a button, as well as some safety-related animated patterns (like arrows pointing to the left or right, and something really noisy looking for getting attention in case of emergency).   

       This is probably pretty accessible a wish if your car has a large enough rear deck.
jimfl, Jun 25 2000

       Make sure the thing lights up at night for easy viewing.   

       I don't know if this makes this a 'baked' idea, but one of my friends and I mounted one of those scrolling LED signs on the back of his car and did exactly what this idea was about, complete with about 20 pre-loaded messages. It worked great, but only at night when it was dark enough to see the letters.   

       I'd recommend a strongly backlit LCD panel instead- you can read it both day and night.
BigThor, Jul 26 2000

       My wife and I on our honeymoon had a BetaBrite sign in the back window of our rental car.   

       [flashing] CAUTION   

       [scroll] HONEYMOONERS ON BOARD   

       [fade 1]Sweeties now   

       [fade 2]Sweeties forever   

       ['snow']JBP [heart] DEP
supercat, Dec 20 2000

       A version is made by Tonka Tronix. See web site at: http://www.tonkatronix.com/mesenger/index.html
wblair8689, Sep 07 2001

       I thought I would make up a flag to wave out the window with w****r on it - always the DIY cheapskate
po, Sep 16 2001

       Yet another thing for people to not pay attention to the road with...
StarChaser, Sep 16 2001

       Tist GOOT!
funp, Jul 10 2003


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