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Elevator Dating

Gives a Whole New Meaning to Going Down on Your Date
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Tired of finding yourself putting up with a dribbly nosed cretin on a blind date? Wondering where to take him/her where you're not known? Wondering whether you can diplomatically cut the evening short, say total 15 minutes?

You've obviously not tried Elevator Dating!

Friends say you and Pat would be great together but you're afraid of the dribbly nosed thingy. No prob. Friends arrange for either you or Pat to be in an elevator and press button 6. Waiting on the sixth floor is either Pat or you. Door opens, you ogle each other.

Door closes? You dodged another hound dog, without moving a muscle.

You and Pat wind up on the elevator together? Bliss looms. Can kids and a minivan be in the offing?

ertdfgcvb, Aug 08 2003

(?) Bliss is always looming http://wsu.edu/~lvail/pat1.jpg
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]

Husband Department Store http://www.ijusthad...5/08/entry_613.html
[phundog]'s anno reminded me of this [imaginality, Dec 09 2006]


       You'll be offing yourself because Pat is actually a man.
DeathNinja, Aug 08 2003

       Bliss is always looming. Just wait 'til you get to know her.
bristolz, Aug 08 2003

       A cunning wit and a tailor, too? What _can't_ she do?
motive power, Aug 08 2003

       + it'd save having to agree on coded escape works, or developing complex escape plans, 10 minutes into an internet blind date. wish I'd thought of it before!
seedy em, Aug 08 2003

       Nice, but I prefer the original meaning
FloridaManatee, Aug 08 2003

       Maybe if we got bliss a job, she wouldn't have time to be always looming around. On the other hand, her previous job didn't seem to slow her down.
beauxeault, Aug 08 2003

       "No officer, I'm not loitering, I'm looming. It's my job."
RayfordSteele, Aug 08 2003

       i can see an entire building being planned just for this .. this.. er.. this subject, i would think its a great idea, what about if she, takes her friends in the elevator, they stop at the floor, doors open, they all ogle him(waiting), piss themselves laughing, or vomit, or yell abuse, or throw full stubbies at him, and close doors and leave, he'll kneck himself,   

       and dont say it hasent happened, cos, it does, has, and will again,   

       how about a chaperone for both, who stay with them until dismissed?
Stork, Dec 08 2006

       How about if all the guys (e.g.) line up in a column, one one each floor of a building. The girl (e.g.) starts the elevator on the top floor and presses all the buttons, heading downward. She can get off at any floor and can press "Door Open" to keep talking to a guy as long as she wants, but once she rejects him she can never go back. If she hasn't gotten out by Floor 1 she is charged 3x the original fee. This incites people to actually choose someone. That's elevator dating.
phundug, Dec 08 2006

       I like the sound of elevator dating.
NZ54819137, Nov 17 2007


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