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Eliza 2014

Because it's inevitable
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TL;DR= Chatbot for mental health

"Eliza" was the old-school chat-bot / psychotherapist back in the 80's.

It's past time for us, as a culture to have her updated.

The basic web/mobile app would work like this:

1) The user chats (anonymously) about life, esp. problems.

2) The Eliza2014bot chats back comfortably enough, while looking for keywords related to special topics (suicide, heartbreak, addiction, procrastination, etc).

3) As the chat continues, ads show up for certified therapists, life coaches, etc on the sponsors tab (related to those keywords)

4) If you click an ad, you have the option to pass the transcript directly to the human professional, who will value that data as insightful in helping start you on a faster path to mental health.

It is entirely anonymous, until/unless you reveal your identity to a paid professional, in the normal way people do today.

Besides helping people get better lives faster, this could also give us key insights into regional mental health concerns when taken in aggregate. (Seeing things like prescription drug abuse popping up in hot zones.)

Like many other "automated" systems, this is a hybrid model in 2 important ways:

A) Filtering/Matching

People filter through Eliza2014 before going to the right professional, as they might solve their problems with just a little help, and/or they might self-identify into the better matched category for help.

B) Bot updates

A sample of sessions, (esp. those rated poorly by users) will be anonymously sent for review by a committee (a subset of pro-users), who can then adjust/add scripts to the bot to improve its relevancy to current users.

I've thought of building this, but I think it's a bit too creepy. I'm just throwing this out as "inevitable" so nobody else can patent it. That encourages an open-source execution rather than privatized & corporate.

sophocles, Feb 12 2014


       Chatterbots aren't smart enough to pass as human, let alone be useful as psychologists. I, for one, become annoyed and bored after a five minute chat with the best of today's chatterbots.
Voice, Feb 13 2014

       Interesting, Voice. Tell me more about why you're annoyed?   

       (sorry, just echoing the echo style of the original Eliza). FYI, asking "why, then why" 5x is an old trick at getting someone to uncover their real core truth.
sophocles, Feb 13 2014

       More like: "Tell me more about chatterbots aren't smart enough to pass as human."
doctorremulac3, Feb 13 2014


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