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Email Autofile

Automate periodic filing of emails
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I tend to keep most of my outgoing and incoming email that passes the "read, delete" sieve. And periodically, I am faced with filing possibly-useful-in-the-future mail in the appropriate folder.

This is extremely tedious and mostly a waste of time.

The idea is to automate this function without having to write a bunch of rules. Enough observation of previous filing habits should deal with 90% of the filing. The remaining 10% could be ignored, or the application could suggest new folders, or deletion of elderly unaccessed folders.

csea, May 13 2011

Baked... http://getpopfile.org/
...in the form of Bayesian filtering. [Wrongfellow, May 13 2011]


       Just create a new mail folder (.pst in Outlook) each month.   

       I find I usually have 2500-3200 per month (inwards + outwards) that I have to save, with attachments. That equates to somewhere between 6-8GB per month.   

       If you don't hive them off regularly they tend to bust your computer, I find.
infidel, May 13 2011

       [marked-for-deletion] magic - you don't actually say how any of this sorting will be done
hippo, May 13 2011

       "Hot Russian babe thinks you interesting - Corrective Action 0038" is the header of an email I sent today to a cow-orker who is lagging.   

       Next up:   

       "I have 6.5 million euros, need your help getting Corrective Action 0038 closed in your country".
normzone, May 13 2011

       //a cow-orker who is lagging// That's very advanced preparation for winter - or are you in the Southern hemisphere?
pocmloc, May 13 2011

       I so wish that it was a case of spam and bombarding everyone, [bigsleep]. I delete everything I can get away with deleting but it still builds up.   

       The problem is that almost all of my clients use email to send me work and their attachments blow it all out of proportion. I've tried to get them to use FTP but it's too difficult to teach the technologically illiterate to use something that involves thinking.
infidel, May 13 2011


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