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del.icio.us email

keep track of URLs I've sent
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As a user of del.icio.us I think I'd like to be able to keep track of the URLs I send people via email.
I'm proposing an email client add in, which does the posting for you automatically to your del.icio.us profile using keywords you specify (e.g. sentviaemail)
neilp, Dec 03 2004

del.icio.us http://del.icio.us/neilp
del.icio.us is a URL manager, I've only started using it but it's quite handy. [neilp, Dec 03 2004]


       Hi neil. Does this piece track your stored URLs or just web-based URLs? It looks interesting, and would fill a need I have for automating a sort of private blog that I don't intend to publish.
reensure, Dec 03 2004

       and via IM, too +
theircompetitor, Dec 04 2004

       Ah, but URLs are transitory, perhaps moreso than email, and are known to disappear from the ether all too fast. Your repository may have tons of holes in just a year.   

       Perhaps a nice add-on to your proposal would be an option you could invoke to "auto-grab" the html content & images from URL's and save it your hard-drive.
sophocles, Dec 06 2004


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