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Call to Police

In case of emergency a shortcut on computer which inform the police
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Constantly working in computer, it would be easy to report an incident via computer rather than phone to the police. Especially when you are not allowed to touch phone, pressing a key on computer would be easier..
artist, Jul 10 2003


       Passing the message as text?
bristolz, Jul 10 2003

       Better yet .. instant message.
bewenched, Jul 11 2003

       d00d h3lp eye 4m b3ing murd3r3d
Pseudonym #3, Jul 11 2003

thumbwax, Jul 11 2003

       !-!0w W13rd # thr3...
Tiger Lily, Jul 11 2003

       sorry officer, thats the 4th time the cat has sat on the keyboard this week.
po, Jul 11 2003

       Wasn't she supposed to be out looking for a job?
Tiger Lily, Jul 11 2003

       Back in the days of valves and transistors, when computers filled a whole room, you really could work *in* a computer. Just thought I'd share that with everyone.
DrBob, Jul 11 2003

       bliss/DrB: "Help, officer, I'm trapped in a computer!"
DrCurry, Jul 11 2003

       [po & esp. TigerLily] Meow.
thecat, Jul 11 2003

       I emailed the local police once. I got back a personal emailed response in one week. Of course, my message was just a tip about a murder suspect...

This idea sounds like the call button that I had next to my bed when I was in the bakery hospital a while back. Every time I'd push it blissmiss would show up...sometimes even before I pushed it.
pluterday, Jul 12 2003


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