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Email list checker

Stops inadvertent posts
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This idea is basically for an addition to email programs that detects when an email is being sent to a large number of people or a mailing list.

It then queries the user to check if they want to send the email to all of these people/list before sending it.

It should be easy enough to implement and has the potential to prevent red faces.

(with apologies)

madradish, Nov 10 2002


       You mean a "are you sure you want to 'reply to all'?"
bristolz, Nov 10 2002

       Aww, come on, [radish sprout] - a touch of color would look good on you!   

       A possible extension (far from foolproof) - maybe check the text to see if any of the recipients names are matched.
lurch, Nov 11 2002

       Excellent idea, Insanus Raphanus Sativus. I've seen inadvertent posts in each of 4 YahooGroups I'm in.
thumbwax, Nov 11 2002

       I caught a bad dose of Klez.H when it came round in June. I was going to squash it, but when it started sending bizarre emails to ex-girlfriends, purporting to come from my mother, I thought I'd sit back & watch the hilarity a little...
General Washington, Nov 11 2002

       not another "Are you sure?" question!!! And by the way, the biggest problem in mass mail is server expanded lists, such as "users@halfbakery.com" that will only be one email address to your mail client; your client won't be able to tell which emails are list emails.
soster, Nov 11 2002

       <aims friendly slaps at bliss and waugs>   

       I hadn't actually thought of it as a potential virus catcher, but that might work. [soster] you would have specify lists to the email program, some support this already. Waugs, I tend to agree with you on the spellchecker thing, but this isn't so drastic. Many email programs give prompts already for attachments over a certain size etc.   

       And for those who haven't worked it out, yes I did this very thing yesterday <blushes deeply>
madradish, Nov 12 2002

       //your client won't be able to tell which emails are list emails//   

       I think you might be able to work around this, soster, by keying off the field "Precedence: bulk" or other email header fields that are commonly present in emails that come from lists.
krelnik, Nov 12 2002


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