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Emergency ski eject

Ski release to avoid limb-twisting agony
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Bonjour mes amis! I'm currently in France skiing in Port du Soleil but I'm having to take a day off from the slopes because I've gone and done my ankle in. Actually, I sprained it playing football two days before we flew out here, so it's my own fault for not wrapping up in cotton wool and staying indoors for a fortnite.

So anyway, the sprain is nicely secured in place in my ski boot, so I've been able to take to the mountain, though with not a little trepidation. The problem, however, is my lack of control going over moguls (mounds of snow that accumulate on the slope where skiers have consecutively turned in the same place). If I hit one of those, and my left foot jerks away, a massive pain shoots through my foot and I lose control.

What makes the situation worse is that, despite seeing my control flounder before the inevitable wipe-out, I crash into the ground with my skis still attached, bending my legs in all manner of unnatural directions, amplifying my injury no end.

My idea is to have releasable skis. Yes, they are designed to come off when they stab into the ground, but by that point your leg is already broken. If I could release them when I know I'm going down, I can tumble relatively gently into the snow without ripping my limbs off.

Clearly, I don't want my skis to hurtle off over the horizon, or into the face of a small child, so they should be attached to my boots with a retractable chord. The release button would be in my poles somewhere.

Would also be easier to take the damn things off when at a bubble lift.


theleopard, Feb 23 2010

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       //so they should be attached to my boots with a retractable chord.//
A major or a minor?

//If I hit one of those, and my left foot jerks away, a massive pain shoots through my foot and I lose control//
How about predictive skis that detect the presence of a mogul and inject a dose of strong fast-acting painkillers?
coprocephalous, Feb 23 2010

       Explosive bolts ...
8th of 7, Feb 23 2010

       Pain is just nature's way of reminding you that you are a pampered softy who would quickly become some hungry predator's lunch if you had to survive on your own in the wild.
DrBob, Feb 23 2010

       This is where the inflating airbag ski vest comes in handy.
RayfordSteele, Feb 23 2010


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