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Foreign Alphabetti Spaghetti

Help learn a second language
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Simply, tins of alphabetti spaghetti in foreign alphabets (Russian, Greek etc) which allow you to combine learning a foreign language with (arguably) quality food.

For the romance languages, obviously alphabetti spaghetti suffices but you could add an extra tin of accents (grave, accute and circumflexes) to make sure you are doing things right.

Scandinavian version is work in prøgress

Colugo, Aug 08 2005

Chinese Symbol Alphabet Soup Chinese_20Symbol_20Alphabet_20Soup
For the most part, redundant. However, you speak of greek spaghetti. I just can't say that chinese soup and greek spaghetti is the same thing. I just can't do it. [daseva, Aug 08 2005]

"Yummy Mummy" http://www.urbandic...hp?term=yummy+mummy
a definition, for [pooduck] [neilp, Aug 09 2005]


skinflaps, Aug 08 2005

       [colugo] welcome to the halfbakery.
jonthegeologist, Aug 08 2005

       Gotta be a link out there, but, until proven, great idea!
daseva, Aug 08 2005

       Nice, although you would need a catering size pack to get the full chinese character set.
gnomethang, Aug 08 2005

       Bun for spaghetti instead of breakfast serial. <edit the next morning: So it is cereal? I have been played like a mad cats fiddle in the dog house>
zeno, Aug 08 2005

       sp. serial
daseva, Aug 08 2005



       <stops drinking beer and goes of to bed>
zeno, Aug 08 2005

       er. sp : cereal.
jonthegeologist, Aug 08 2005

       have my babies... well, no. may I re-phrase that?
po, Aug 08 2005

       Sorry, [jtg], I've been messin' with 'ol [zeno] this evenin'. Friggin' nightowl originally spelled it 'cerial'.   

       [po], I can't imagine a proper euphemism for "have my babies"... but, you've surprised me before, so...   

       Seed me?
daseva, Aug 08 2005

       where's krelfuk when you need him?   

       if this is UB in disguise, I may just have to kill him.
po, Aug 08 2005

       //if this is UB in disguise, I may just have to kill him//   

       Po I'm pretty sure that I know who this is and it's not a baker in disguise.   

       If I were Krelnik I would say something like WTAGIPBAN, but I'm not so I shall merely bestow a bun in tomato sauce. Nice. Keep up the good work!
hazel, Aug 08 2005

       you know this baker, hazel? please introduce me...   

       is he married? does he quite like feisty brunettes who are a bit, well... half-baked?
po, Aug 08 2005

       [colugo] meet [po], a doyenne of the halfbakery and several cats mad.   

       [po] this is [colugo] a University friend of myself and [jonthegeologist] who lives round the corner from us with his wife and lovely daughter.   

       His wife, by the way, is very much a feisty brunette and some would say halfbaked. Not I of course, for I am too scared.
hazel, Aug 08 2005


       only 2 cats mad these days although I do seem to be bit of a cat magnet. I have a pure white, completely deaf cat trying to take over the back garden and today, I have a magnificent tabby that is absolutely huge, hugging my front yard. if it comes back, I may adopt it and call it starchaser...
po, Aug 08 2005

       We are collectively 2 cats mad. Does this mean we are each 1 cat mad on average, or can we both claim to be 2 cats mad? Pete is extra mental so I might claim some extra madness for him.   

       [colugo] is 1 cat mad. George is lovely although he does like to escape up the chimney.
hazel, Aug 08 2005

       there is 2 of you and just one of me - do the math!   

       is George a cat or a neighbour?   

       back on topic - pasta makes me heave.
po, Aug 08 2005

       George is the cat. [colugo] is the neighbour.   

       Does this kind of food actually count as pasta? I imagine most Italians would be horrified at the whole pasta in tomato sauce juice kind of concept.
hazel, Aug 08 2005

       we seem to have mislaid our cat (or he's living out of someone elses house at the moment) so I am no cat mad. Perhaps if I was at least one cat mad I could come up with more ideas to half bake. As for the pasta in tomato sauce... perhaps we could modify it for those who find tomato a bit lower class and just release a fresh pasta alphabetti spaghetti and allow you to put any sauce on you like?
Colugo, Aug 08 2005

       If we're mucking around with the stuff [Colugo], perhaps you could see your way clear to including some punctuation. I fear generations can blame Heinz for not being able to use commas and apostrophes properly. Storming idea though.
neilp, Aug 08 2005

       //perhaps we could modify it for those who find tomato a bit lower class and just release a fresh pasta alphabetti spaghetti and allow you to put any sauce on you like?//   

       I'm a huge fan of the pasta in tomato sauce myself, but I can see that lots of yummy mummies would go for the fresh pasta as long as it was organic and free range etc.
hazel, Aug 08 2005

       I think punctuation is a great idea [neilp] but, in the meantime you could always use the bits they cut out of polos as substitute full stops (unless, that is, you don't like minty tomato sauce?)
Colugo, Aug 08 2005

       what about question marks though ? and exclamation marks for that matter. I'm not convinced the polo solution's a gooer.
neilp, Aug 08 2005

       // yummy mummies // Um, what?
pooduck, Aug 08 2005

       Question marks are, I agree, a bit of a difficult one and may require Heinz to take up this whole project.. but as for exclamation marks... who wants to be exclaimed at by pasta?? !! [neilp]
Colugo, Aug 08 2005

       I think Roman numerals are all covered in standard uppercase Alphabetti Sphaghetti [Pa've]. Unless you want the bars at the top, but that's an affectation.
neilp, Aug 09 2005

       //Assembly Code Spaghetti// All the assembly code I've ever read (or written, for that matter) was formed from the standard ASCII character set, which is covered by standard alphabetti spaghetti.
coprocephalous, Aug 09 2005

       //a tin of ...// does this mean canned pasta? or is this the box the dry uncooked comes in, at, of. because even some USers shun canned spagetti products. they are for babies.
dentworth, Aug 09 2005


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