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Encyclopedia Cartridges

Another use for Gameboys
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I've always found it quite annoying when I want to look something up in an Encyclopedia but there isn't a set of them handy, and my laptop can't get an internet signal. So I propose programming encyclopedia volumes into cartriges that are compatible with Gameboys. This allows you to carry an entire set in a backpack or briefcase, and instead of buying an expensive PDA and scanning it to upload the information, simply insert the appropriate cartrige into a Gameboy. Original Gameboys can be obtained for about 5-10 bucks apiece.
21 Quest, Mar 26 2006

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       Sweet. I am now three seperate classes of nerd with my old-school encyclopaedia Gameboy.
notmarkflynn, Mar 26 2006

       Well, a CD set for the laptop would be better, but a <quick calculation for Britannica> 300 cartridge text-only Gameboy version is far more amusing.
Shz, Mar 26 2006

       I think I'd only carry around vloumes Aab-Aak, and Aal-Aat.
notmarkflynn, Mar 26 2006

       How fun!
PollyNo9, Mar 27 2006

       sp: cartridges
po, Mar 27 2006

       I wonder how many b&w gameboys are lurking in cupboards around the world?
wagster, Mar 27 2006

       I was thinking this was maybe some novel weapon for role-playing games, launching heavy, hide-bound bio-degradable projectiles.
coprocephalous, Mar 27 2006

       I lent mine and never got my tetris back...
po, Mar 27 2006

       Wasn't Tetris the only reason to own a Gameboy?
wagster, Mar 27 2006

       for me, wag, yes!
po, Mar 27 2006

       Please explain more about this magic internet signal.
ConsulFlaminicus, Mar 27 2006


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