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Endless Brew

Pop top at both ends.
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With a label designed like a Ride Card, when you get really smashed it would make a difference which end you pick up, because you could open either one. And they're perfect for a shotgun.
lbierman, Jul 14 2000


hippo, Jul 14 2000

       Could you set it down?
naveline, Jul 15 2000

       [naveline]: Yes, as long as you don't open both ends.   

       This invention actually makes a certain kind of sense - we can open many other containers (usually dry-goods, tho) from either end - but I wonder if two pop tops would merely make the can more liable to fail under internal pressure.
centauri, Jul 15 2000

       Gives whole new meaning to Sweethearts in a Malt Shop.
thumbwax, Oct 03 2000

       Waugsqueke: This is called 'Shotgunning' and has been done for years, with a can-punch...
StarChaser, Oct 05 2000

       You guys must be drinking Pabst or Miller or some other cheapo swill.   

       Beer was meant to be savored, boys and girls.
Vance, Jan 30 2001


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