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Half baked-beans Can

Half-sized can of baked beans
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Don't you find it annoying when you've been woken up by a midnight hunger pang, opned a can of baked beans and scoffed half of it only to find yourself too full to finish it? Now what? Leave it in the fridge for some other day? Nope. Now you can buy a HalfBakedBeansCan. Yes you can.
Edie, Apr 16 2024

200g tin https://www.tesco.c.../products/250993529
Oh but even though it is half the size of a normal can, it is still a complete can with top, bottom, side, and full of beans. So logically it is not half a can, but a whole (small) can. So we get stuck in a recursive loop where we end up with a tiny can filled with one single bean and we only eat half the bean and leave the other half in the tiny can in the back of the fridge. [pocmloc, Apr 16 2024]

Singles [xenzag, Apr 16 2024]


       //beanz// I always get suspicious when foods are misspelled. They could have literally anything in there and say, "We didn't claim it was beans! No, this is our special patented Beanz(r)! We're sorry you were expecting something else but the label is quite clear. Can we recommend our "healthy choice" Beanz(r) with 90% less industrial waste?
Voice, Apr 16 2024

       Also - see link… (none of bones mine by the way)
xenzag, Apr 16 2024

       Ah, yes, of course. I shouldn't have forgotten to mention that the can itself is a half-cylinder in shape; containing baked beans that have been carefully halved lengthwise into their separate cotyledons. The can is sealed at the top and bottom, and comes with a pull tab opener, to allow the (half) beans to trickle out nicely straight into your mouth so that you can avoid waking the dog by rummaging for a plate and/or fork. Because that would mean you'd require a full size can after all, in order to share with the dog. (Otherwise you'd get that "how can you be so mean to me?" look that dogs have somehow perfected for when they want something you'd like to have all to yourself). Besides, the dog would just sniff the beans and lick all the sauce off them and then waste the rest anyway, and then look up at you as if to say, "is that all I get for being woken up at midnight and faithfully following you to the kitchen? You sod! "
Edie, Apr 16 2024

       Too bad, I thought it was a can of half-baked beans, which I have been looking for to include in a recipe for chili with half-baked meat. Desert is a half-baked Alaska.   

       Is something edible if it is half-baked? Or only partly so? I'm of two minds on this.
minoradjustments, Apr 19 2024

       // I'm of two minds //   

       Corpus callosotomy?
a1, Apr 19 2024

       Corpus what??Sounds like some sort of colonial (or intestinal , maybe) word. I've half a mind to look it up...
Edie, Apr 22 2024

       That's all you need.
a1, Apr 22 2024

       The other half couldn't be bothered. Thankfully I have a MOMO.
Edie, Apr 22 2024


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