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Food Can Cover Timer

Can Cover indicates time since covered
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Many of us find it necessary to place partially consumed cans of food (tuna, e-milk, peas, soup, etc.) in the refrigerator, and there are plastic temporary covers that aid in this pursuit. [link]

I'd like one which includes a cheapo timer, with a couple of pushbuttons moulded in, allowing reset and start of the timer. A small display would show how long the particular item has been in the fridge. Machine washable, lifetime 5 years or so.

So, when I'm rummaging through the 'fridge for edible leftovers, I can have a clue as to how long a particular item has been in hibernation. A couple of days for a can of corn - probably OK. Four weeks on leftover catfood? - No thanks!

Comes in assorted sizes, or the stepped-size multi-can version.

csea, Apr 06 2007

Food Can Cover http://www.garretts...n-cover-p-4903.html
Plastic Can Lid [csea, Apr 06 2007]

How many days ago? ($10 for two) http://www.howmanydaysago.com/
The product I noticed. OK, $5/timer isn't exactly "cheapo" - I take that back. But it should do the job. [jutta, Apr 08 2007]


       Realistically, you can buy day cheapo day counting timers (made for exactly this purpose) and just stick them to the cover.
jutta, Apr 06 2007

       The length of the hair is always a reliable indicator of storage time in our household.
MaxwellBuchanan, Apr 06 2007

       I'd prefer a timer that was powered by the decomposition of the food in the container.
nuclear hobo, Apr 07 2007

       [jutta] link? Do they work at 'fridge temps? I might actually be a customer for this.
csea, Apr 07 2007

       Think even-lower tech - make them out of old used whiteboards so you can just use a dry-erase marker to write the date stored right on them.
Canuck, Apr 07 2007

       /Food Can Cover Timer/ especially if you are a sloppy stirrer.
bungston, Apr 08 2007


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