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Engaged tone pacifier

Take the stress out of making a phone call.
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I find the telephone engaged tone massively frustrating. The other person will be on the phone for a time proportional to the urgency of your message. Why don't the phone companies say "engaged", then tell you a joke instead. And that "duh duh duh (ascending tone) sorry, the number you've dialled has not been recognised" is even worse. Again, simple message then a bit of humour.
paraffin power, Oct 24 2004

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       Instead, people should record an "engaged" message to be played when someone tries to reach them while they're using the line. This way it would be a personalized joke.
Pericles, Oct 24 2004

       isn't what you're looking for an 'answer machine', where they can leave you a message and they can call you back.
sorry [paraffin], but I don't want to waste my time listening to corporate humour.
neilp, Oct 25 2004

       Why do I get a an option for a ____, just to click on it and get nothing? Idea is now ugly, space clogged?
blissmiss, Oct 25 2004

       Think it's a bug in the new image stuff being tried at the mo [blissmiss]. For a successful demo, see the "GargantuFan" idea...
DocBrown, Oct 25 2004

       All I want from automatic answering equipment is the bare facts. I don't want a message every five seconds that my call is important to them. I don't want opera over MIDI with a dance beat (yes, I have experienced this). I definitely don't want to hear the first three words of the same crap joke every time I try to contact someone.
david_scothern, Oct 25 2004

       So not a phone with a "suck on this" feature?
theircompetitor, Oct 25 2004

       [ds] - I think technology is at a point where it could be randomly generated. Anyway, the point was to do away with the beep-beep-beep and simply say 'engaged'. Being on-hold was never mentioned.
paraffin power, Oct 26 2004


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