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Thermodynamic engine with no movable parts
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item: Heat is energy

item: Energy is required for motion

item: To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction

1. Create a container that looks like a booster with air inlet. Inside has a IR reflectie surface.

2. Stick in a nuclear reactor core

3. Put a deflector and converge all IR to point source at mouth of booster

4. Heat up

5. Air expands and expels out.

6. Creates vaccum

7. Air rushes in

8. Heated up and expelled out.....

9. Action has a reaction

10. Booster is pushed forward

11. contact me at ruk765@icqmail.com for VC funding :-)

razausman, Sep 10 2001

Pulse-jet hobbyist http://www.aardvark.co.nz/pjet/
Fascinating site on jets (pulsejets, valveless pulsejets, turbojets, gas turbines, etc.) [wiml, Sep 10 2001]

Project Pluto http://www.nv.doe.g...ews&views/pluto.htm
Nuclear ramjet developed in the 1960s. [wiml, Sep 10 2001]


       This is basically a nuclear pulse-jet. (Pulse-jets were used in in the WW2 buzz-bombs.) You'll need to add a valve to the air inlet to make sure the exhaust only goes out the back end. Or you can bend it into a U-shape to make a valveless pulse jet --- see link.   

       Nuclear airbreathing engines aren't new either, but they're the sort of thing you only want to fly over *other* peoples' continents.
wiml, Sep 10 2001

       13. everything in proximity (about a few miles) is roasted because they don't wear thick lead clothing
Saruman, Sep 28 2002

       ...apart from the Simpsons' house: "All the lead paint in this house helped it withstand the nuclear blast"
NickTheGreat, Sep 29 2002

       I think there was an experimental nuclear rocket engine under development some dacades ago called a "Nerva-K." Had it been actually produced and deployed, after baking everyone at the launch site on takeoff, it would eventually have cooked the crew, even behind their thick shielding. I like cold fusion better. It would be SO useful...
whlanteigne, Oct 05 2002


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