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Flat two simplified engine.

I'm not sure if this is baked or not.
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This is an ICE engine design for opposed engines. In this design the two cylinders are not offset but directly opposite one another (line bored). Instead of conventional rods and pistons a single beam with pistons on each end is utilized. At the center a conventional single journal crank is present but instead a connecting rod bolted around it it lies at the edge of a round disk in which it enacts the stroke orbit. This disk is mounted in a journal mounted in the center of the piston beam. By rotating through an entire 360* the crank moves the piston beam back and forth one time. Engine balance is achieved using a 180 offset mated pair and crank counterweights/balance shaft. Baked, right? Can't find it, haven't looked enough..... gotta work...
WcW, Oct 10 2009

Bourke Engine http://bourke-engine.com/
Similar, but 2-stroke and crank scavenged. Also the idea seems dead. [WcW, Oct 10 2009]


       Certainly Baked, early 20th century, in both motorcycle and aviation engines. Anzani ? There were some VERY odd early designs....... mostly 2-strokes.
8th of 7, Oct 10 2009

       seems like the Bourke engine is similar in design. Love everything about it, however the patent holders seem to think that it is the best thing since cold fusion, too good to actually build (conspiratorial feeling at best). Linky -
WcW, Oct 10 2009

       It seems like that would cause quite a few vibrations if both pistons were going the same direction at the same time, then jerking back the opposite way.   

       And by vibrations I mean the vehicle would break in half.
DIYMatt, Oct 12 2009

       thus you need a mated pair and counterweights. This is really no more challenging than balancing an H4.
WcW, Oct 12 2009

       there has been a design, do not know reference other than a book called 'Bil og Energi' ('Cars and Energy') by Mogens Teisen, which has one single cylinder bore, with two opposing pistons, and a lower sitting crank, which is connected to the two pistons. (it could be a Cummins design,..).   

       This was used is war and post-war English lorries.
sirau, May 29 2011


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