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Enteric capsule for microSD card

Take it with you when you go ...
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Government prodnoses are always trying to pry into people's private data. They sieze laptops and cameras at airports and scrutinize them for anything naughty.

Well, now you can make life just a little more difficult, unpleasant, and most of all expensive (they hate that) for them.

Just order a few* BorgCo Enteric microSD card carriers. Only a little 8larger than the card it protects, the carrier is made from biologically inert plastic with a super-smooth coating to make it easy to swallow.

If there's some data you want to transport discreetly, download it onto an SD card, pop the card in one of the capsules, and swallow it with a mouthful of a suitably gloopy drink like a milkshake.

In a few days, you'll get your data back. Of course, the snoopers can elect to house and feed you until it reappears, and then have a joyous time looking through hours of non-copyright cat videos. Imagine their annoyance. And you can probably sue them, too.

Make life just a little bit more miserable for Big Brother - shop at BorgCo today !

*Capsules are single-use and have to be (carefully) cut open to extract the memory card.

8th of 7, Feb 20 2019

Does this actually happen? well, sometimes. https://www.theguar...nder-kermani-laptop
Newsnight journalist’s laptop seized by UK police under Terrorism Act [Skewed, Feb 20 2019]


       "Bog Brother" ?
Skewed, Feb 20 2019

       ... Because they have to go scrabbling in the lavvy to get the "evidence" ?
8th of 7, Feb 20 2019

       It's more about making life more difficult for the mouth-breathing dolts employed to ensure "public safety" ...
8th of 7, Feb 20 2019

       //Wouldn't an electronic drop box / upload site be easier//   

       The purpose would appear to be to discomfit "the man" ?   

       So surely both is best, the actual data might go to your drop box [big] while a blank one of these (designed specifically to both set off magnetic security gates & show up enticingly on any security x rays) is swallowed.   

       //It would then seem a bit arbitrary for you to be detained at customs//   

       Which of course makes the subsequent lawsuit to extend the fun that much more plausible.   

       A big advertising campaign with free samples in every cereal box might be helpful there of course "I accidentally swallowed the free gift m'lud"
Skewed, Feb 20 2019

       But does this actually happen? I have been through quite a range of airports, and have never had anyone examine the contents of my laptop, phone, or my portable "PLANS FOR THE EXTERMINATION OF MANKIND - REALY REALY SECRET" hard drive.   

       Or perhaps it's just you, [8th], whom they invariably stop and search.   

       And what [bigs] said.   

       Incidentally, the Intercalary was delayed and questioned at every single security checkpoint on his way out to Cape Verde recently. Serves him right for eating every last bit of my gilded gingerbread. He did mention that the security men at São Nicolau Airport have particularly cold hands.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 20 2019

       //But does this actually happen?//   

       Only if you have [link]s to the BBC apparently, so you're probably safe [Max].. you don't work for the BBC do you?
Skewed, Feb 20 2019

       Not usually, no. Unusually, yes.
MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 20 2019

       What? you unusually work for the BBC? how does that work then?
Skewed, Feb 20 2019

MaxwellBuchanan, Feb 21 2019

       Usually unused ~ also/or ~ Unusually used (but we don't talk about that, not in polite company).
Skewed, Feb 21 2019


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