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Crashproofed SD card enclosure

For action cams
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Solid state flash memory cards are surprisingly robust in terms of mechanical shock, but show poor resistance to fire and mechanical crushing.

BorgCo engineers have therefore developed an aftermarket SD card enclosure to provide significant crash-resistance to a regular memory card.

The enclosure has a tough metal outer case, within which further layers of thermal (mineral) and mechanical protection enclose the card and interface. The cable gland is similarly protected against fire and liquid ingress; the unit can survive 1000C fire for 60 minutes, thermal shock, immersion to 1000m, corrosion, and high-G impacts.

The cable terminates in a terminal which will fit into a standard SD or microSD/TF card slot and provided plug-and-play functionality with no loss of transfer speed due to buffering electronics in the case.

The unit allows a cheap action cam to function effectively as a CVR, and even a FDR if the camera is watching the flight instruments.

8th of 7, Jan 25 2020


       Encase it in silica aerogel.   

       But even then, heat may travel up the USB connector wires.   

       Could it be made internally contactless?
bhumphrys, Jan 25 2020

       Mostly; opto-isolation would be used.   

       Even the power supply can be fully isolated via a transfomer/switcher.
8th of 7, Jan 25 2020

       Thought so.
bhumphrys, Jan 25 2020


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