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crying memory stick

a usb smart drive that cries when you attempt to connect it the wrong way round.
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saves real tears!
po, Jun 23 2014

awwww kitten on computer http://media.punchi...05/kitten_work.jpeg
[xandram, Jun 23 2014]

via petapixel http://petapixel.co...fers-11-reversible/
[po, Aug 14 2014]

Would go well with this Screaming_20Computer
[doctorremulac3, Aug 14 2014]


       Cries as in screams or cries as in weeps?
the porpoise, Jun 23 2014

       adjust your setting according to your taste.
po, Jun 23 2014

       It has memories that make it cry?
normzone, Jun 23 2014

       If it's smart, it should know which way to go.
xandram, Jun 23 2014

       why would you say that? I'm thinking that the widget that plays a recording on the opening of a greetings card might work, although I think there must be much superior ways to accomplish what's required must exist!
po, Jun 23 2014

       Being Mr Grumpy again??? Need and another kitten pic?
xenzag, Jun 23 2014

       ars technica? hahahaha.
po, Jun 23 2014

       //Need and another kitten pic//   


       Need tea and another kitten pic.
Need po and another kitten pic.
Need sleep and another kitten pic.
Need Grumpy and another kitten pic.
Need none of the above and another kitten pic.
blissmiss, Jun 23 2014

       Need a new job or possible sales pitch! I thought I'd test patent here.
po, Jun 23 2014


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