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Escalator Slinky

Extra Large
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This would be an extra large diameter slinky optimally sized to walk down an escalator.
goldbb, Jul 14 2009

Escalator Slinky http://www.youtube....watch?v=ASxPwiZOlPE
This one did pretty well [csea, Jul 14 2009]

E-S take 2 http://www.youtube....watch?v=YJw0L7fxbF4
This one is less well suited, takes multiple steps and gets stuck... [csea, Jul 14 2009]

upon searching "extra large slinky" http://www.hometrai...t.asp?pn=MC-SLINKY2
I know, I know. My websearch prowess is impeccable. [daseva, Jul 20 2009]


       This is brilliant! Presumably, it's walking down an upscalator? And its walking speed would match the escalator speed, producing a perpetual walking-on-the-spot effect?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 14 2009

       There are a number of YouTube videos showing attempts with normal-sized slinkies. [links]
csea, Jul 14 2009

       Thanks csea, I tried searching myself, and found videos of several failed attempts to send a regular slinky down an escalator (including the second one you linked to), but wasn't persistant enough to find that first link you posted :)
goldbb, Jul 20 2009

       How big? <link>
daseva, Jul 20 2009

       Bun if the idea is as [MaxwellBuchanan] describes.
simonj, Jul 20 2009


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