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Fiber optic slinky

Inspired by this dude. [link]
  [vote for,

A clear plastic slinky with a color changing LED light and watch battery at either end.

Want one.
Going to bed now, as soon as I watch that just one more time.

The last Slinky Bender. https://imgur.com/gallery/Ny85q
[2 fries shy of a happy meal, Oct 02 2017]

fluorescent slinky at mid page http://www.gifmania...imated-Toys/Slinky/
[beanangel, Oct 05 2017]


       about mid page at the link there is a fluorescent slinky. fiber optic even better
beanangel, Oct 05 2017

       great idea but passing coloured light through a fiberoptic slinky may trigger a rotational frame-dragging space-time phenomena... do try hard not to become a 'Rip Van-winkle of the stairs'.
BunFight101, Oct 14 2017

       Gr. "rotational frame-dragging space-time phenomenon" (singular).
pertinax, Oct 15 2017


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