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Master Craftsman Slinkys

for the Slinkiter who has everything
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A polished mahogany box that opens smoothly to reveal a set of 24 Silver-alloy plated Slinkys, set into a black felt backcloth. The diameter of the stairwalkers range from a petite quarter-inch to a robust eight inches and the core material of each is a custom alloy blended specifically for that size/weight.

Also available:

Competition Slinkys: regulation size, but varying weight and composition. A set of five in an oak case with a compartment for cloth & oil.

Nano-Slinky's: Each packet contains up to 1,000 of the Carbon-Fibre molecule-hoppers. Manipulator attachment sold separately.

Thunder-Slinkys: individually available, a full range from two to five feet in diameter (custom and larger sizes available on special order). Allow up to 5 weeks for delivery.

FlyingToaster, Jun 02 2010

Reference http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slinky
Everyone Knows It's Slinky! [csea, Jun 02 2010]

Yup, Slinky, pl. Slinkys http://www.poof-sli...he-World-is-Slinky/
Just like the man says. [mouseposture, Jun 03 2010]

http://s68.photobuc...urrent=zorbinky.jpg [2 fries shy of a happy meal, Jun 04 2010]


       I didn't know Slinkyer was a noun. I feel distinctly more educated now.
wagster, Jun 02 2010

       Oh, god, yes! +   

       <pedant> Except, please, it's "Slinkys" plural, not "Slinky's" posessive. </pedant>   

       I use Slinkys to demonstrate compression waves in a class I teach in audio/acoustics.   

       And I dimly recall that Slinkys were used to develop the toroidal-shaped Betatron for atomic research in the 40's (before my time!)
csea, Jun 02 2010

       "Slinkies" plural, shirley?
coprocephalous, Jun 02 2010

       //Slinkies// [csea]'s right... I've been playing at pluralizing proper nouns recently.   

       "Slinkiter" from the jingle: "what makes a slinkity sound".
FlyingToaster, Jun 02 2010

       I really love this.
blissmiss, Jun 03 2010

       //I've been playing at pluralizing proper nouns recently//
Bu...bu..but you can't even spell "pluralising" correctly.
AbsintheWithoutLeave, Jun 03 2010

       Untangling the quantum-slinkys could be challenging.
RayfordSteele, Jun 03 2010

       [21Q] I originally had it as "Slinky's"... "Slinkys" looks to me as (marginally) better and certainly better than "Slinkies". A bit of research turns up that you're only supposed to use apostrophes to pluralize letters (A's B's C's)... but that doesn't scan right: what about M14's (or M14s as Merriam-Webster would have it).   

       meanwhile nice try [AWOL].   

       //quantum-slinky// [marked-for-tagline]
FlyingToaster, Jun 03 2010

       A series of stacked Benzene rings, cut at one point, and reconnected into a continuous helix should do the trick. I wonder what the spring constant would be?   

       Or perhaps a larger diameter nanotube, with most of its atoms removed somehow so that you'd have a carbon slinky remained.
RayfordSteele, Jun 04 2010

       I'd like a ride-on slinky, 6' diameter with a suspended seat at the mid point. Suspension of the seat would need to be by numerous elastic members connecting to the coils along much of the length of the device, so distributing the load evenly and preventing a nauseous oscillation of the passenger.
Twizz, Jun 04 2010

pocmloc, Jun 04 2010

       No no no, [Twizz], at least let fixing the seat be an option.   

       Also, I agree with 'slinkys' as per 21's logic. Now, since a slinky isn't likely to ever own anything, I can't really say using the apostrophe is all that horrible. However, it will always own its own properties, as in "Hey check out those slinkys' awesome mahogany box!".
daseva, Jun 04 2010

       Gotcha covered [Twizz] [link]   

       [2Fries] <link> that is one of our pre-production Thunder models undergoing testing in South America... and what were *you* doing there with a camera ? § x1
FlyingToaster, Jun 05 2010

       Road trip.   


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