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Escaping Easter Egg

Fun with a plastic egg... just add an eccentric motor.
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A plastic Easter egg with an eccentric motor inside. Attached to a light sensor on the outside of the egg so that when the sensor is uncovered, the motor activates and the egg attempts to "escape", wiggling around randomly. A sure shocker for anyone on an egg hunt- try hiding it among regular eggs!
halffinity, Apr 11 2009

Coincidence? http://www.instruct...-boring-easter-egg/
No light sensor, but the motor anyway. [snoyes, Apr 12 2009]

Lucifer's Testicles! http://www.landover...org/eastereggs.html
The terrible truth about Easter Eggs from THE most excellent landoverbaptists. [xenzag, Apr 12 2009]


       Get crackin (+)   

phundug, Apr 12 2009

       I think this egg is boiled. Well at least fried. Probably not well known to exist...but over medium?   

       Happy Easter everyone anyway you look at it.
blissmiss, Apr 12 2009


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