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Escort Escrow

Escrow Service for Sex Industy
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I was reading about a poor man who had his bank account cleaned out by a "Blond Angel", and it occurred to me that the perfect solution to this would be an escrow service for prostitution.

This has real advantages for both the consumer and the professional in what can often be a dangerous transaction. For the professional, he or she would simply provide the service, confident that the fee would be paid, and that the customer would not be able to try to take it back afterwards. For the customer, he or she would simply enjoy the act, confident that the fee would not be changed unless services were rendered, and they would not even have to bring the money with them, preventing possible theft.

It might be necessary for the escrow service to provide a witness service, in order to prevent disagreements between the professional and the client as to whether services were in fact rendered.

DonBirnam, Apr 15 2004

(?) Blond Angel http://story.news.y...many_patient_dc&e=3
Blond Angel Robs Frisky Hospital Patient [DonBirnam, Oct 04 2004]


       Would the witness be paid? or would that be a service offered to voyeurs?
duroncrush, Apr 15 2004

       I hadn't thought of that. I assumed they would be employees of the service, but this could be turned into an additional revenue stream for the service. I believe there are people who would pay to see this sort of thing.
DonBirnam, Apr 15 2004

       If you use a credit card for a purchase in the US, you have a federally guaranteed right to dispute any bogus charge like this. Seems like that fits the bill.
krelnik, Apr 15 2004

       //Blonde Angel//   

       Another story to backup the need for Panic PIN.
Cunninglinguist, Apr 16 2004


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