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Debet card

Digital cash
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I got some money from the bank today and they gave me a brochure about ways to pay without cash, online via computer or with various apps and such. I refused the brochure but she then put it in the envelope with the money to which I said I really didn't want it. She said she had to give it anyway. Eventually she threw it away.

Later today I was bying something in a store and having dispensed of the cash money somewhere else I asked to use my pin instead. The employee thanked me and said that was much preferred.

In both instances I remarked that cash money must would not be long for this world. And a conversation followed in which their side was straight from an informative meeting where they were told what to say: It's for safety.

Thing is: I think cash money is being fased out.

Police are now allowed to confiscate large wads of cash wothout any cause other then it being a large wad of cash and we can no longer pay our bills at the bank with cash money.

Now I sometimes have some cash that nobody has to know anything about so I don't like cash to disapear.

Enter the debet card.

The card has a temporary bank account for the amount on it. There wil be cards of varying amounts like bank notes. You can pay at the store with it or give it to a friend.

The temporary bank account gets drained and closed.

At any atm you can check how much is on it.

These cards cannot be faked because a fake would not have the backing of an account. So kind of like cash, but digital cash.

The purpose of this is to own money anonamously. Good for tax evasion, bying drugs, paying hookers, bribing people and all the other things that make the world go around.

zeno, May 16 2014

Unless I am missing something https://www.walmartmoneycard.com/walmart
This is what you are looking for? [theircompetitor, May 16 2014]

Temporary Credit Cards Temporary_20credit_20cards
ten years gone [bungston, May 16 2014]

Or they should... http://en.wikipedia...i/Father_Knows_Best
[blissmiss, May 17 2014]


       BitCowrie shells anyone?   

       I think it is possible to get a Debrett's Card, but you might need to peer..
not_morrison_rm, May 16 2014

       What our new daddy said, because everyone knows, "Father knows Best".
blissmiss, May 17 2014

       All banks in the netherlaands follow the same policy 21.
zeno, May 18 2014

       Yes theircompetitor, if I could buy cocaine at walmart.
zeno, May 18 2014

       That would be a big seller here in the US Midwest. Drugs rule here. Scary.
blissmiss, May 18 2014

       [-] It would be more complex than cash to use, more expensive than cash to run, and more easy than cash to trace. The backing of a card with a temporary account adds no real security, as I could clone a $100 card, give one copy to you as payment for a car radio, one copy to a contact for something more dodgy, and then use a third copy to buy groceries. The first card would show full value at time of initial presentation, as would the second; but when the recipients came to use it, they'd find that meanwhile the backing account had been drained at the grocery store.
vincevincevince, May 19 2014

       The proposal here adds a big loophole in that I am giving John a card informally to pay for a car stereo; but John (being parked outside a pub) is not in the position of the grocery store to immediately draw down the value at point of presentation. That means he has to go to a place that allows redemption/draw down, during which period I may still use the cloned card.   

       It would work, I think, if the card wasn't given to someone as payment - but only used to make payment to someone, and hence the account draw-down would happen immediately upon acceptance.
vincevincevince, May 19 2014


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