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Espionage School

"Canis meus id comedit domus facti"
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This school exists entirely clandestinely within a real school (which may, or may not just be a front), and regularly sees pupils walking circuitous routes around the building in order to lose one another, whilst simultaneously, but unobviously trying to keep tabs on the person who (they suspect) is their (espionage) teacher.

It is a secret who is, or is not a pupil of this school within a school, which makes calling the morning register a particularly interesting custom, with students answering their own names in the regular register, while simultaneously trying to surreptitiously signal (the person they believe is) their controller that they are here (by the use of dead-letter drops, pre-arranged code-phrases, nods, winks, facial scratches, cello-tape stuck to window-panes, pieces of string tied around doorhandles, or by some other method) without actually being spotted by any of the others.

Various subjects and classes may, or may not be on the curriculum - depending on who you talk to. Often more than one class will be taught at the same time...

Meal times, the dining hall is packed with people on 'exchange' programs, or those who 'just wandered in' to take some photographs. Some manage to eat two lunches with the use of forged dining papers. But that rumour is unsubstantiated.

The school's mascot is a mole, who may (or may not) live in the sports field.

At the end of the year, the students are marked by someone they suspected least, and the results delivered to their parents via a microfilm laden carrying pigeon.

zen_tom, Nov 29 2005

D.E.B.S. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0367631/
This film was about a very similar idea, except it involved hot schoolgirls in short skirts that were chosed for secret service duties (secretly). [Jinbish, Dec 03 2005]


       Wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
skinflaps, Nov 29 2005

       Probably best not to have locker rooms.
shapu, Nov 29 2005

       You haven't seen me. Right?
DrBob, Nov 29 2005

PollyNo9, Nov 29 2005

       I'll never tell...
DesertFox, Nov 29 2005

       This is baked. I go there, but don't let them know that I told you or I may or may not be in for it.
hidden truths, Nov 29 2005

       Does 'Games' invlolve standing by a lake feeding the ducks whilst dressed in a heavy, black overcoat and a Homberg?
gnomethang, Nov 29 2005

       I went to Washington University in St. Louis, and it was universally believed that our across-the-street-neighbor Fontbonne College was, in fact, a CIA training ground.   

       Twenty-five hundred students, and you never see anyone come or go? Legitimate educational institution my Aunt Bea.
shapu, Nov 29 2005

       Enter through a booth in the tailor's shop...   

       "Open channel D"...
normzone, Nov 29 2005

       Is this school by any chance in East Berlin? Oh yeah, they dismantled that wall thing. So much for the cold war. Stupid perestroika.
Rmcgrath, Nov 30 2005

       normzone - that was one of my favourite shows - I have a couple of the books back home somewhere - truly awesome. I'm tempted to have a screenname one of these days as [napoleonsolo] - watch this space! (or not)   

       By the way, can anyone help me get the right grammar for the school motto?
zen_tom, Nov 30 2005

       And everyone's art projects are all exactly the same simply newpapers with holes cut in them.
PollyNo9, Nov 30 2005

       ...and I'd like to minor in secret spying devices hidden in common place things, like the shoe phone, except that one was already baked by Mel Brooks and Don Adams.
Silveredwings, Dec 02 2005

       School motto: "Canis meus commentariolum meum comedit".
Shz, Dec 02 2005

       Great idea, hope you find the coded note hidden inside your croissant [+]   

       Also, (and this is just 2 years of GCSE Latin speaking) shouldn't it be "meus canis"?
Mr Phase, Dec 02 2005

       No, speaker english silly. Backwards is that.
Shz, Dec 02 2005


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