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Extra Personal 6th Form Holidays

To ease the transition from school to work
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This is my first idea so please go easy on me a bit.

Since so many people will go from the '6th Form' (Final year or 2 at school) at their school directly into the world of work I suggest giving them 2/3 days a year which they can take off school at no notice, much like in the working world many employees get a few days of holiday which they can take off at their whim. They would then go into school the next day with a signed note from their parents to explain their absence.

This would give 6th Formers a bit more power over their life and hopefully prepare them just a little bit more for the world of work.

Germanicus, Mar 05 2005




       Hah Hahahaha ha. <wipes tear>

       [Germanicus], you're cute. Welcome to the bakery, my friend.
k_sra, Mar 05 2005

       And I don't think this idea is very good. Only because I wouldn't want to try to figure out how many hours equal 2/3rds of a day. Too much effort.
k_sra, Mar 05 2005

       So, can they be asked to turn up at school during the summer holidays? :-)
Basepair, Mar 05 2005

       <To ease the transition from school to work>   

       That's good, more freedom to teach how to handle your responsibilities. But the flipside: you gotta come in on saturday and work late on monday.
zeno, Mar 05 2005

       K_sra: They would have '2 or 3' days off, not '2 thirds of a day' off. Hope that cleared up any confusion.
Germanicus, Mar 06 2005

       I had a tough school-work transition. My college didn't encourage/ allow students to work. They claimed that studying was a full time job, and that students would graduate with enough expertise to arrive in the working world with a decent job. That was all bullshit!   

       Welcome aboard Germanicus.
Pericles, Mar 06 2005

       Where has this idea of overtime 'et all' come from? The only change would be 2-3 extra days off school taken at the pupils discretion. At work an employee doesn't have to come in on a saturday following personal holiday they just have to catch up work later. It would be just like that at school. The pupils may have to put in extra hours at weekends, but this would not be formal lessons.   

       UnaBubba, I hope that answers your query. If not, explain why not and I will post again.   

       Thanks for the warm welcome!
Germanicus, Mar 06 2005

       To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

2 - 3 days discretionary days off in return for a 40 hour week.

Seems fair.
DenholmRicshaw, Mar 07 2005


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