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Fire-Safe School

Start with a School on stilts...
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Underneath every student's seat, and every teacher's seat, is a trap-door and a slide. When the fire alarm goes off, all the trap doors open simultaneously, and everyone slides to a safe distance away from the building.
Vernon, Oct 28 2013


       Much, much more incentive for mischevious kids to pull the old false fire alarm prank.
swimswim, Oct 28 2013

       [swimswim], yes, I was totally aware of that. :)   

       These days, however, with all sorts of automatic fire- detection tech available, the old-fashioned way of expecting a human to initiate the alarm is indeed that, old-fashioned. Those poor mischievous kids will have to hack the computers to pull the prank. I'm not saying they won't be able to do such a thing, of course. I'm just saying it won't be quite as simple as in the Good Old Days.
Vernon, Oct 28 2013

       Also, how tall are your stilts, or how small is your school? Otherwise getting individual slides to debouche at ground level without interfering with each other is going to be interesting.   

       Also, what are your slides made of, and how do you prevent debris build up inside them such that they don't represent a fire spread danger of their own?   

       And how, under certain wind conditions, do you prevent one of them from becoming a chimney (heat doesn't always rise if you have a venturi effect going on) and baking the little tyke inside?
MechE, Oct 28 2013

       [MechE], I am aware that the bigger the school, the more problematic is this HalfBaked Idea. But at least a couple of your concerns are easily addressed: If the slides were tubular, they should stay clear of debris. And if the trap-doors close afterward after letting the people through, then there is now a barrier blocking a venturi effect.
Vernon, Oct 28 2013

       Build the school above a huge swimming pool. Et Viola.   

       Bad news for non-swimmers ... "Your lifejacket is under your seat" ... ?
8th of 7, Oct 28 2013

       Really having all those individual doors and slides risks one of them will suffer mechanical failure - for example small kid fails to fall thru after fire starts, large kid lodges in chute or falls thru when there is no fire, etc.   

       The entire floor should swing down and deposit the contents of the room into the slide. This would also function to save computers, books, school pets and other valuables.   

       One problematic aspect would be if this system were triggered in the room where the fire was present. The pool addition would remedy this.
bungston, Oct 28 2013

       How about this: upon fire detection, 10 gallons of ice water are dumped on each seated child (20 on the area near the fire alarm trigger).
bs0u0155, Oct 28 2013

       Who are you and what have you done to the real [Vernon]?
Alterother, Oct 28 2013

       The blind teacher? The kid in a wheelchair?   

       "Just stay next to the now well ventilated fire, while we wander off looking for water."
popbottle, Oct 28 2013

       Are schools particularly problematical with regards to fire evacuation? Children are small and tend to move quickly.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 28 2013

       [bungston], it occurs to me that a truly mischievous kid might want to be more precise in hacking the system, say to dump all the teachers only...   

       [21 Quest], excellent news item! I wonder if the phrase "yet another mass chuting" could qualify for tagline status here (perhaps a bit too specific in its applicability, though).
Vernon, Oct 28 2013

       Build [8th of 7's] swimming pool ABOVE the school. In case of fire, pull the plug.
AusCan531, Oct 28 2013

       // Children are small and tend to move quickly. //   

       Yes, it's a bugger ... much better use a shotgun than a rifle.   

       // They also tend to cook quickly //   

       That's the good part.
8th of 7, Oct 29 2013

       Vernon, your learning. Is this the shortest?
pashute, Oct 29 2013

       [pashute], I can do short postings when they are appropriate. My shortest is in Fashion, Body:Piercing, "Neck Bolts" --appropriate to mention since it is almost Halloween as I write this.
Vernon, Oct 30 2013

       [pashute], is changing "you're" to "your" supposed to be an example of of shortening too?
swimswim, Oct 30 2013


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