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Esthetic EEG Gel

Tint gel with hair shade colors.
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Basic instincts aside, have you ever had your EEG done? Those little electrodes on your scalp need to be applied with a conductive liquid to permit the skin pads to register the small currents produced by your brain. You're slathered over with white spackle or gelatinous ooze which remains in your hair for the ride home. Ewww!

Two thoughts:

1. Tint the liquid to match your hair color, so when you comb it away it nearly matches your natural haircolor.

2. Make it in custom tints to match or to highlight any hair, so you can go away looking like anything from a carrot-top to a parrot.

dpsyplc, Apr 30 2004


       You need to demand more ether next time.
bungston, Apr 30 2004

       My first EEG was done with dozens of needles inserted into the scalp. OUCH!   

       My later EEG's were done with a horrible grey paste that took days to come out. Bun for the idea.
Klaatu, May 28 2004


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