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Lip enticer

rf controlled lip enticing device warms up and cools down in parts, can vibrate, and lightly stroke
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You wear it on your lips, and it stimulates your lips simulating different situations of touch and feel.

For a better remote interpersonal relationship, or just for getting another dimension of input.

Giving the feel of the warmth of a human finger or hand, allowing your partner to give you non verbal feedback.

pashute, Jul 14 2022


       Three of the gag version and one with the gimp suit connection please.
Voice, Jul 14 2022

       How does it stay on a lip without pinching it?
pertinax, Jul 15 2022

       The old clunky version is warn like a mask. Then we come out with the new sylicon version that fits snugly on your lips with a sweet adhesive.
pashute, Jul 19 2022

       "Hey, clunky lips, wanna make out?"
"Ehhh, not really feeling it."
pertinax, Jul 20 2022


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