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Happier babies with custom cooling and warming at the crib

computerized baby crib uses IR themography camera to find out if a baby is at its optimal environment to be happy, technologies adjust the baby microclimate to make the baby happiest
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Technology that benefits babies: IR thermography camera image of baby shows if the baby's surface is just right, cold, or warm, as correlated with happy babies that cry less. Then if the baby is warm software turns on air conditioner, peltier element or fan, if the baby is cooler than optimal then the baby mattress (crib) pad warms up and overhead heat lamps activate.

The efficacy of the baby temperature optimizer at making baby life even more enjoyable is measured by reduction in crying, low saliva cortisol levels, and if the data is there, alert, happy, or asleep EEG.

Also, if the crib is three times wider than the baby or bigger a cool mattress zone (peltier)and a warming zone and a center software guided zone can exist. The baby can voluntarily exercise a tropism towards coolness if the baby feels like it regardless of what the central software directed zone does. I think babies can move enough to position themselves at a crib area based on what at older humans is called a preference.

beanangel, Apr 28 2021

Skinner box - prior art https://boingboing....kinner-totally.html
I lied, he didn’t REALLY raise his daughter in that thing. [a1, Apr 29 2021]


       Skinner box <link>. Raised his own daughter in one.
a1, Apr 28 2021

       Robots with Genuine Parental Personalities.
sninctown, Apr 28 2021

       I wonder how discomfort feeds into the normal development of a baby.
Voice, Apr 29 2021

       Its just making the cool side of the pillow available anytime to babies.
beanangel, Apr 29 2021

       //that suggests that very large numbers of MWI universes have baby and infant humans as a preponderant form//   

       Non sequitur. If an infant creates a hundred branch universes, then is it not likely, absent evidence to the contrary, that each of those hundred contains about the same number of adults as the universe we're familiar with?
pertinax, Apr 29 2021

       [pertinax] I think I get what you are saying now, so I am modifying the idea.
beanangel, Apr 29 2021


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