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Euromutt Ensemble

Show your cultural heritage no matter what a mess it is.
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Scotsmen wear kilts, Russians wear big furry hats, the French wear striped shirts, little artist caps and carry long bread. Wearing your cultural identity is clear cut when you're European, but what if you've been mixing DNA for the last couple of hundred years over here in the colonies? The standard accoutrements are a cowboy hat and firearms at the breakfast table, which is fine, but what if you want to pay homage to your Euro roots?

Just got my ancestry DNA test back and it pretty much matches what I've been told. It's a mess. Lots of Scottish, bunch of Nordic in there and a mess of something that I'll keep to my self thank you. (Suffice to say they are a dirty and violent people.)

So how about putting an outfit together that celebrates all the parts of your lineage in bits and pieces here and there? Mine would be a kilt, viking helmet, lots of dead animal fur, (wearing live animal fur would pose some challenges) perhaps a loincloth thrown in.

A website would allow you to put in your ancestral history by percentage and it would suggest an outfit that suitably reflected your roots. You'd pay the money and get a bunch of stupid clothes in the mail that you'd never wear.

I actually don't like this idea, but I've already typed it in.

doctorremulac3, Aug 04 2015


       Cro-Magnons are the smart ones that won the whole evolution war, I'd be proud to call them my ancestors.   

       Same goes for Texans.
doctorremulac3, Aug 04 2015

       I don't like this idea, but he's already typed it in.
normzone, Aug 04 2015


       I kind of like this idea... but I don't think I'd like the type of outfit I'd be stuck with.
If I'd married an AfricanAsian woman our kids would be almost everyfriggineverything.
Us Heinz57 mutts should have our own getup.

       I mean robes of golden feathered chainmail scarves of silk and plaid, and fur... with clogs, would... well they just clash then now don't they?
We should probably start with denim...
...and not that new crap they call denim either, but the denim I remember as a kid where you were damned lucky if you didn't get your dead uncle's patched jeans that were his grampa's hand-me-downs to his dad for your birthday.
REAL DENIM I Say!, not, tha... I, wait

       what were we on about again?   

       //I mean robes of golden feathered chainmail scarves of silk and plaid, and fur... with clogs,//   

       You're actually kind of selling me on this idea. I guess with a little artistic flourish you could come up with an interesting fashion statement.   

       I'm so mixed up I could probably go with wearing something based on the blue European Union flag. Something ironically that many if not most Europeans probably couldn't get away with.   

       Thank you for the link by the way bigsleep, some interesting stuff that I didn't know about.
doctorremulac3, Aug 04 2015

       I never knew that cultural heritage was encoded in DNA.
pocmloc, Aug 05 2015

       //I never knew that cultural heritage was encoded in DNA.//   

       I was going to say "ethnic heritage" which is technically more accurate but it's such a trigger word, as soon as it appears in a sentence one assumes that what follows is going to be negative, heavy, divisive, depressing or preachy. I always assume that anyway.   

       Plus, clothing, which this is about, comes from cultural heritage, not ethnic heritage. You can be of Chinese ethnicity but if you're born in Germany you wear lederhosen, not... whatever it is that Chinese stereotypes wear.
doctorremulac3, Aug 05 2015

       [2fries] //We should probably start with denim... REAL DENIM I Say!// <everything was invented by the French> "serge de Nîmes" </ewibtF>
hippo, Aug 05 2015



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