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The cheap mans eurotunnel
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Jim likes to align himself with the joker from batman --- because everything he needs is cheap...

So he requires two wires strung up between england and france. The end points (and tensile strength and whatnot) of which will ensure a negative gradient in the direction of england and a negative gradient in the direction of france.


Jim reckons getting to the top of the zip line is going to be a little taxing so you might like to get yourself a solar battery pack and a stannah lift --- Jim of course will just do it under his own steam (because he is hard and cheap).


madness, Feb 23 2010

World's Longest Zip Wire http://aroundworlds...gest-zip-slide.html
Currently the longest zip wire slide in the world is 2km and is in Sun City, South Africa. [jurist, Feb 23 2010]


       Oooh, a 40 km long zip wire.   

       We hope that this is Baked soon, and that jim gets to try it, hanging on to a small handle while gale force freezing winds blast him to the point where he loses consciousness and plummets several hundred metres into the Channel, or even better, gets impaled on the mast of a ferry.
8th of 7, Feb 23 2010

       That is unlikely to happen --- he will not even reach "terminal" (:)) velocity. Once on his way from the UK he will travel at a constant rate and glide gently to a stop where he can step off and pick up a copy of the half hour video.
madness, Feb 23 2010

       40km, end supported zip line, with a 100 kilo point mass hanging in the middle, and of course the weight of the cable. Anyone want to do the numbers on the tensile strength, young's modulus, and elevation difference required to make this work? I really don't, but trust me, the numbers will be impressive.
MechE, Feb 23 2010

       //a negative gradient in the direction of england and a negative gradient in the direction of france.// Attach a generator to the wheel and you could use this as a perpetual motion machine.
pocmloc, Feb 23 2010


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