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Electrostatic Railcar Wheel Motor

Use rails and wheels for "electric" ground, and electrostatics for propulsion
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If you saw a static electric motor on the web, you'll understand this. (See link).

The electric "ground" takes static electricity which enters from wheel and goes thru rail to earth. Either wheel/rail has electically insulated sections or the rotors are on a plate adjacent to the wheel and insulated from it, allowing for mechanically or electrically controlled contact.

Voilla: An electro-static in-wheel motor, without any extra moving parts, and using much less storage than conventional batteries, because only one type of material needed (positive or negative, instead of a battery with both), and probably more efficient, (because batteries are always reaching equilibrium, while here earth is at constant "infinity").

pashute, May 21 2008

Electrostatic motor in action http://www.youtube....watch?v=4tJ6B6h67E8
Simple cup on pencil, one side to ground other nearby static force repulsion [pashute, Jun 03 2008]

Do It Yourself electrostatic motor from plastic cup http://www.instruct...lectrostatic-Motor/
Click the steps above the video, to move on to next stage... [pashute, Jun 03 2008]


       //Voilla// sp. "voilaille"
coprocephalous, May 21 2008

       I know how to spell Peugeuot, Renault, Jacque Yves Cousteau and Deux Point.
pashute, May 21 2008

       //Jacque Yves Cousteau // ?
coprocephalous, May 21 2008

       People, if the idea is not clear, please comment. I can edit it and make it better understood. I think its the best halfdea I've had yet. And I'm serious about it.
pashute, Jun 03 2008

       Oh, and perhaps we can gain static energy and store it when train goes downhill, or for braking.   

       Also, for this invention, perhaps we can create "static storage" batteries, better and different from existing batteries, in that they "know" how to recieve and store large quantities of static energy as it is aquired along the way (similar to clouds) and then letting off the energy at needed amounts when required.
pashute, Jun 03 2008

       //and Deux Point// Sp.: du Pont.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 03 2008

       All those motors look pretty low friction. Are you sure you can muster up enough work to push a car? Would it be safe for people to cross the street?
phoenix, Jun 03 2008

       The amount of power is simply a question of how much you store. Yes I'm sure you can store enough energy for static, just like "dynamic" electric storage. (Very similar principles apply). I'm also sure it can be made safe (if it can be done at all) since the electricity is going directly to the "ground" and not reaching anyone on the way.
pashute, Jun 11 2008


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