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Elevator Envy

Just extend the engineering of an elevator through the roof.
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Would it not be nice if elevators went through the roof to a height ( designated by architecture and engineers) and then waited for a period before moving back down to the top floor.

Of course the elevators would either have to be external glass ones or ones with see through doors and windows (options for internal shaft murals). Extra structural rails and cables would be needed to engineer the elevator to the new height.

Then of course envy would take over and architects and engineers would be designing the highest and most aspiring view possible from the newest of new buildings. Technological advancements may lend a hand and the lift may eventually leave the building.

Really, the only way is up. Or maybe that should be out.

wjt, Jun 16 2019

Taking a smaller step Elevator_20King
Stepping stones need to be worked solid. [wjt, Jun 16 2019]

The Great Glass Elevator https://en.wikipedi...reat_Glass_Elevator
[Loris, Jun 16 2019]


       "What was the view like up there?"
"Lots of elevators."
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 16 2019

       Everyone can briefly wave to each other through the laminated glasses.   

       And yes, I did think it was Charliesque but that is way in the future. All that track and cable on tall ultra-thin steeples has to be developed first.
wjt, Jun 17 2019


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