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Even Playing Field Boxing Accouterments

Allows mis-matched boxers to fight each other.
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Always wanted to take on Mike Tyson? This would make it possible.

The larger, better boxer would have very large cushioned gloves compared to the smaller opponents heavier stiffer gloves. Helmet like headgear on the lesser boxer would further even the playing field.

This along with weighted/unweighted shoes, motion restricting clothes etc would allow almost any two people to be more or less evenly matched in the ring by virtue of the physical restrictors added to the superior fighter along with implements giving advantages to the inferior boxer.

doctorremulac3, Oct 31 2015


       Sounds like a good Play Station Game to me.
travbm, Oct 31 2015

       Did you know that cushioned gloves may prevent knockouts but the long term effect of getting hit repeatedly because you can still stand is greater brain damage? Take off the gloves, hit people properly with your metacarpophalangeal joints, and end the fight at a more natural and earlier proper KO.   

       Also, you'd have to get a better boxer to agree. If you can do that, you have my padded bun [+].
absterge, Oct 31 2015

       How about an adjustable level ring, tilting the floor would make the stronger boxer be always fighting uphill..
not_morrison_rm, Nov 03 2015

       " Never hit bones with your hands - that's what sticks and stones are for "   

       Gaby - " Demon " - John Varley
normzone, Nov 03 2015

       //Sounds like a good Play Station Game to me.   

       Yes, of course, a contest that depends on impact forces, gravity, and physical motion would certainly "sound" like a good video game to an idiotic bot.
the porpoise, Nov 03 2015

       Hmm could always use the old person suit that Toyota (?) developed for their designers, so they could experience the physical limitations of old drivers..
not_morrison_rm, Nov 04 2015


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