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Helium Filled Mylar Inflatable Boxing Dummy

Instead of sparring with a heavy bag, spar with a very very light bag that moves similar to a real human opponent
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The size and shape of a human boxing opponent's torso and head and painted to look as such, this helium filled mylar balloon would float and move during your sparring match rather than just sitting there like a regular heavy bag.

When you punched it, it would move similarly to a human boxer attempting to dodge your punch allowing you to throw follow up punches at a moving target, again, something you couldn't to with a static heavy bag.

Fans arranged around the perimeter could even make it move around the ring allowing you to practice your footwork, advancing and retreating while punching.

A kid's version might turn out to be a cool upgrade of the inflatable "bop the clown" punching bags we all grew up with.

doctorremulac3, Jun 12 2014

Sort of like this but filled with helium and made of mylar http://www.ebay.com...hash=item3f334b5f60
Less comical looking though. Although for kids this might be ok. [doctorremulac3, Jun 12 2014]


       Don't you want some inertia, so you know when your punch connects?
bungston, Jun 12 2014

       This would essentially be shadow boxing with a moving target. I primarily do shadow boxing for my cardio between weight sets and one thing I'm not very good at is maneuvering while doing it. You're supposed to sort of dance around like you're really fighting and punch the air. You end up looking like somebody suffering from delirium tremens swatting at imaginary bats or something. Moving around at random without anything to hit is just kind of counter intuitive to me. This would actually give the person something to focus on.   

       I really like this idea. If nothing else at least for an update of the kids inflatable boxing bag. I think kids would love this. Great for birthday parties and such.
doctorremulac3, Jun 12 2014

       Ah... you know I read this as 'Heinlein filled', wondered how you were going to that :)
Skewed, Jun 13 2014

       HEINEKEN filled Mylar Balloons. Beer Balloons. Hmmm, don't drink but if I did I would love em. Maybe too much.   

       As for the original idea, I think it's rather punchy, and a good one. +
blissmiss, Jun 13 2014


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