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Explosive Boxing Gloves

Id watch this
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For every 20 people I know that watch UFC, I know 1 that watch good ole boxing. The sport is suffering from waning interest these days. You could make it interesting with say, sound effects, but this is another idea. Explosive boxing gloves. Built into the striking portion of the gloves are single shot mini airbags. The explosion is one of inert gas that will expand the gloves tip and amplify the contestants punching force. Trial and error should be employed to determine the best angle and input force to trigger the explosion. Both opponents will be wearing the gloves to be fair. Careful engineering would be necessary to leave appropriate padding in place and the electronics be lightweight enough to not effect the fighters honed skills. This would make a knockout punch a technological spectacle. Battlebots meets boxing...
evilpenguin, Dec 09 2012


       //The sport is suffering from waning interest these days// Boxing is more popular than ever where I live, and many girls are now taking it up following the fantastic success of the UK and Irish female boxers at the London Olympics
xenzag, Dec 09 2012

       This would certainly increase the fatality rate, which is guaranteed to boost ratings.   

       Boxing was a fairly safe sport until gloves were made compulsory, because ungloved boxers don't generally want to damage their fists by striking the opponent's skull. Airbagged gloves would give the boxer a much better chance of causing fatal brain damage.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 09 2012

       Sadly, I don't think this would be approved by the boxing powers.
Kansan101, Dec 09 2012

       Explosive Boxing Gloves could very well have been tried in terrorist training camps, but dismissed in favor of the more fashionably acceptable vest with matching overcoat. Or not. Have an explosive bun whilst I contemplate the future of the sport... [+]
Grogster, Dec 09 2012

       I think it's a little sad that interest in an activity is defined as watching it (rather than, say, doing it).   

       That's Quite Interesting, [Max].
spidermother, Dec 09 2012

       //I think it's a little sad that interest in an activity is defined as watching it (rather than, say, doing it).//   

       I think you have a valid point. Although boxing without a crowd is just practice. Several boxers watching other boxers box is kinda sad too. Back in its hayday boxing events would sell out the largest venues available. Televising the event was just natural to allow more people to watch. I think that reaching a bigger audience on television can be a good thing just as long as there is an audience. Pay per view offers many boxing events, but free (advertisement driven) television events have much broader viewerships.
evilpenguin, Dec 09 2012

       You also have a valid point. It's interesting how these things progress, though. The other extreme, where most people have no involvement apart from watching it on TV, is also a little sad. It's a bit like betting on a horse race, shown on a screen, in a betting office, remote from the track.
spidermother, Dec 09 2012

       Boxing is not so much a sport as a flavor. It might be monotonous by itself, but I think if combined with another sport such as golf (imagine 1-minute rounds between each hole; players struggling to see the ball through dripping blood) -- it would be a lot more interesting.
phundug, Dec 10 2012

       Seems like boxing jumped the shark with Mike Tyson.
ytk, Dec 10 2012

       This is heavy in media .
rcarty, Dec 11 2012


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