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Even The Odds Running Shoes (Also Treadmill Shoes)

Wheels on the sole of the shoe spin to slow you down according to your ability.
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The shoes are programmed so anybody wearing them can race anybody else wearing a similar pair of these run slowing / speeding up shoes since the runners speed is enhanced or retarded according to their average running time.

It does so by having the 20 or so little motorized rubber wheels on the soul of the shoe turn backwards of forwards to speed you up or slow you down. A computer programs these taking into consideration all the runners involved.

With these on all runners, olympic champions can run a fair race against the 3rd grade clase at your local elementry school.

It would be about will to win more than ability.

Actually it would be much easier to just have the wheels brake more for slower people and roll freely for faster people. Forget about the motor part. So for a world record holding track star, the wheels would be allowed to spin quite a bit, for a ten year old, they'd basically be braked in place or allowed to turn ever so slightly.

I think kids would get a kick out of winning against older kids or even adults, or at least having a chance to.

The shoes could also be switched to "treadmill mode" so you just run in place like you're on a treadmill but without the treadmill. That might be a more practical application of these.

doctorremulac3, Jun 03 2022


       Your gait might be a little more like rollerskating, I'm thinking.
RayfordSteele, Jun 03 2022

       Oh, forgot something, thank you.   

       The wheels only roll one way, backwards.   

       But yes, runners who's run is most retarded would look like they're doing the moonwalk sort of. (Only not moving backwards)
doctorremulac3, Jun 03 2022

       Or roller-skating backwards, peering over one shoulder with competitive venom.
pertinax, Jun 04 2022

       How about tracks consisting of treadmills running backwards at speeds appropriate to the handicap?
Voice, Jun 04 2022

       I was thinking about that but had already put up the shoes thing.   

       That idea might be more practical because you could probably have a race like that on regular treadmills at a gym. Maybe measure how much additional force the person pushes against some measuring device they're pushing against.   

       But a practical use for the shoe roller things could be running in place, basically "treadmill shoes".   

       I'll add that to the title.
doctorremulac3, Jun 04 2022

       So a1, why the bone?
doctorremulac3, Jun 04 2022


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