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Inverted Horse Racing

Turn the tables (sort of)
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Pygmy horses are carried on the backs of big strapping lads around existing race courses.

Fences on steeplechase courses would probably need steps either side, as even a big strapping lad couldn't jump over a fence with a horse on his back.

jtp, Nov 28 2006

Some pygmy horses http://www.toyhorse.co.uk/story1.htm
[jtp, Nov 28 2006]

Some big strapping lads http://www.chippendales.com/
[jtp, Nov 28 2006]

Essential kit Horsey_20Ride_20Shin_20Pads
[jtp, Nov 28 2006]


       as long as they had to run around on all fours and gallop through loads of mud, and make stupid horse noises - made me laugh [+]
xenzag, Nov 28 2006

       They'd need [jhomrighaus]'s Horsey Ride Shin Pads.
jtp, Nov 28 2006

       I've got a colleague who once won a steeplechase against a pony in her younger years. She comes from a village waaaaaaay back in the forest where there's not much to do.
squeak, Nov 28 2006

       This is brilliant. For the sake of authenticity, all the horses should be
a) Irish and
b) wearing specially designed garish silk shirts
and the strapping lads should be
a) of Arabian extraction and
b) called things like "Alf Ramsey's Porn Dungeon" and "Ramalalaggripina."
calum, Dec 04 2006

       To really make it competitive, the first person to win the race OR make their horse collapse is the winner. That way they will be encouraged to run the horse as fast and as hard as they possibly can.
Jscotty, Dec 04 2006

       love this. wish I'd thought of it. Love [calum]'s crafted additions.   

       ... goes off to think of other inverse sports ...
jonthegeologist, Dec 04 2006

       Would they wear saddles of some kind?
hubby2debbie, Dec 05 2006

<laughing out loud>
I wish I had time to draw this one, it sooo deserves an image.
I'm picturing garbage can sized chariot races.

       WHhppPSH !   

       Actually inverse chariot racing would be much more practical.   

       There's a sentence you don't hear every day.
marklar, Apr 06 2008


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