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Evolution: The new hairstyle

Didn't read the other ideas yet, but it seems this is a hb trend going well
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In front you have a rasta forehead. In the middle, you have a Marry Antoinette tower, and towards the back pony tails, and all the way in the back its shaved, with some shape left as writing.

Or it could work the other way around.

pashute, Jul 04 2013

there's a lot of people working on this for you! http://www.google.c....19.img.oMw0wvg2pps
[xandram, Jul 08 2013]


       How about Evolution: the HB idea? It starts as just dots and lines like this ./ : \ |   

       Then it turns into grunts. Then Indo-European roots. Finally medieval and then modern English, finishing with a particularly witty lolspeak flourish.
pocmloc, Jul 04 2013

       Sadly, all I have experienced so far is Devolution: The Receding Hairstyle.
Grogster, Jul 06 2013

       Of course its not for men. Men have nothing to do with evolution, as Darwin correctly named his book.
pashute, Jul 08 2013

       obviously this idea is not evolving anywhere.
pashute, Jul 10 2013


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